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Hi all Bloggers!

This blog is supposed to be about books and classics, but I dont think that is the only purpose, for me one of the reasons why I read a book is to disconnect from the unstoppable electronic world around us, everything goes too fast and to disconnected, is ironic that I’m writing an internet blog to talk about it but this remind me to the beginnings of the internet when people just share themselves without a mask, in that time a lot of the content wasn’t so elaborated so people would’ve think that your life is perfect, I actually got the idea of doing this from the movie Julie & Julia the main character wrote about doing 524 recipes from Julia Child in 365 days, I’m going to do 75 books in 5 years, a longer commitment. Another inspiration was an article that I read in the NYT about a group of teenagers that call themselves the “Luddites” they try to stop using all the internet devices, and get together every week to just enjoy the nature in a park, some of their premises are quite arrogant and pretentious, but the core principles I believe is something that the world needs it in our contemporary worlds.

Now that I have talked about my personal antecedents, I want to talk about my literary antecedents, with the beginning of the pandemic I start reading as a relieve from what was going to on in the world and I read almost only classics, I have always like history and I believe classics are books that are never outdated but they are also a window to the history of the world, a lot of the topics in the classics are still very present in our society, that’s why the keep doing retelling them, but also they are like an static picture of the traditions and costumes in the past, you can get to know ancient greek, ancient rome, victorian England, 16th century Italy, eighteenth century Germany, just by reading books, I found that amazing, but I also think that I have a lot of things to know, to read, that’s why maybe sometimes you will find my reviews bad and kinda unexperience, but I don’t care this is my own process trought what amazing people wrote about amazing times and places.

The format of the blog that I’m going to try to follow is: fridays keep ups with my life, I can talk about my personal life, my current readings, what I’m listening to, articles that I read, it can be basically whatever I want, and each time I finish a book I’m going to upload a review the Wednesday after I finished it, so, sometimes you will have 1 post a week and sometimes 2.

Thank you for reading this, I don’t know how much people read blogs nowadays but I hope at least 1 person.





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